mercredi 27 août 2014

Is Your Romance Playing ReRuns?

Did you like reading "Cinderella" or watching" Sex in the City", but of late feel stuck in your own melodrama and not too happy with it? After puberty, you think you'd have given up fairytales! Maybe you're a lucky one and have chosen a decent romance story, and not suffering over the one you have. But if your romance is flagging, the culprit is a fantasy rerun that is paralleling your reality. It's like having a split screen playing two stories at the same time. For women, one movie is running "Prince Charming", while on the other screne is "The Disenchanting Frog".
You tell yourself your partner SHOULD be more like Prince Charming! And not like the Frustrating Frog asleep on the sofa! 'Cinderella did NOT get to stay at the ball' and 'No romance ever lasts', the pouting actress simpers. So just like in Sex in the City, she ponders about the next one. With such old and familiar fiction droning on, you hardly realize your mind's on an never ending rerun loop.
If you're sad or disillusioned over your unrecognized dreams and romantic expectations, it helps to remember it's your own mind's drama. You are the protagonist, the storyteller and the script writer. You even direct how to act and respond in each scene. But isn't it is easier to focus on the Frog? It seems everything we do has payoffs. Focusing on the relationship and disappointment with the "Prince" is a distraction from running your own life. This addiction keeps you irresponsible and dependent, just like a little kid wishing for a Fairy Godmother. Hardly a fun payoff, as it prevents you from creating your own good health and happiness now.
When stuff happens and people don't behave, get out some paper and write a new story for your mind's myth collection. This would stop the old re-actions to former fixed fantasies. If your "Prince Charming" is being a "Total Toad", remember everything has a shadow and that it's your adherence to high hopes casting the darkness. You can feel pain or loss in the moment but choose NOT TO SUFFER. You can also choose how you want to act. Remember, pain is a given in life but suffering is optional. It's easy to say that you need to change your thinking. It's the doing part that's more difficult, yet it is the doing that creates change. Watching your mind's make-beliefs will help turn off the tapes, and allow you to consciously choose your thoughts and actions. You may start to become more aware that it's you creating your reality. Then your Prince/Frog might join you in your awakening and start singing Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead. About the Author
Satya Winkelman, M.A.,is a psychotherapist, a communication trainer for Fortune 500 companies, Director of Wise Women Retreats,and an Artist. She is the author of a self-help book,"Through the Fire: A Guide to Transformation" using her senseous art as guides to higher consciousness. See art 

mardi 26 août 2014

Openness Is a Key Factor to Build Love in a Relationship

For many couples building love in relationship can be quite difficult. This is because couples have to take several certain decisions that could be really hard to take but it can be a bit exciting at the long run.
For many couples building love in relationship can be quite difficult. This is because couples have to take several certain decisions that could be really hard to take but it can be a bit exciting at the long run. Hold on; do you know what I mean by this statement? Simply put, relationship is a very difficult practice based on the fact that two people of different personality and nature are in the relationship and in one way or the other; they will definitely hurt each other. Relationship hurt, relationship heartbreak, relationship disappointments are more of the reasons why relationship remains very difficult job. However, if you and your spouse can build love gradually with a few steps I will be highlighting here, with God in your side, you and your partner will surely experience a successful relationship.
While you and your partner are engaged in the process of building love in relationship then you both must respect the word 'OPENNESS'. Now, you are thinking that what does this have to do with a love relationship. Being open in your relationship is of course a very effective way of building love in your relationship. This really implies that both of you have to tell each other everything about each other. In addition to this, you both have to tell each other all the truth about each other. Here I would say that there is one thing I know, which is, only the truth can set you free. Yes, this also can be implied in your relationship, meaning that, if you and your spouse can be that open minded towards each other, you both will share truth and truth alone. As a result, this will bring the much desired love in the relationship.
According to experts, one most common thing that might be responsible in bringing problem in a relation is money. Take for instance, money is a big cause in any relationship, and male category has to be very open to their female partners if they really want to save their relationship from the wrath of money. It is wise to tell your partner about your income and the amount you have in the bank. Remember, if you are smiling in your income, let her know, if you are not smiling because of the income, please, let her know to avoid the unnecessary differences. Let her also have an easy access to your bank account at any time. Yes, the same applies to women who are also in relationship or married. Openness and not secrecy saves any relationship and builds love between the two. About the Author
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dimanche 24 août 2014

Sweet Words To Say To Your Queen-Never Run Out Of Then

Never run out of them, sweet words to say to your queen. You'll the best thing that ever happen to me. You woman loves when you give her compliments. Your sweetheart would be happy, that you thought of sweet words to say to her. You don't want to lose her love. Let her know that you will never stop loving her. You see we all have that special someone in our life. You know? she is the reason why you are living. Your reason for living is to make her life easy. You know? men and women's minds function differently, that's the way god made it. The sweet words you say to your queen, are different from the words she would say to you. Loving and caring for your woman is what you should do. There is nothing in the world, that you would not do for that queen in your life. Never forget a compliment can go a very long way. In your relationship you have to be sincere to your sweetheart, when you say sweet things to her.
Remember the words you say to her have to be truthful and come from your heart. Saying sweet things to her will keep her thinking about you. Tell your woman just how much she means to you. Let her know that she will always have a place in your heart. You have to make time time for your lady, never put her last, she must come first. You know? you can find a lot of crazy words to say to your woman, when you are trying to build your relationship. You should never fall for all that crazy stuff. You don't need any insincere words to say to your woman.
Sweet things you can say to your queen to help strengthen your relationship.
1. I love the way you look today.
2. Your smile is like a shining star.
3. You made my heart skip a beat when i saw you.
4. You are the love of my life.
5. I just want to spend time only with you.
6. I never want to be without you.
7. I love you.
8. When we kiss i feel a tingle all over my body.
9. I love your sweet lips.
10. I love your sexy walk.
11. Tell her that you will never run from her tears.
12. Tell her that you are willing to sacrifice your schedule for her.
There are plenty of sweet things to say to your sweetheart. Being sincere is most important advice when it comes to your woman. The words here in this context is strong. Like they say, words do matter, it depend on how you say them. Your sweet words will go a long way, making room for you back into her hear About the Author
My name is Reginald and i write articles to help people with relationship problems. Giving them information that they can use. You saying sweet things to your sweetheart is just one of the steps to a strong relationship. You need to know the secret to making that happen. You can have your woman feeling like the queen of the world. You need to get your hands on the world's best resource.

samedi 23 août 2014

I Love Her But She Does Not Feel the Same Way About Me - 2 Reasons Why

It has to be one of the worst situations that you can find yourself in when it comes to romance. Feeling as though you are totally in love with a woman and she does not love you back is something that you would not wish on your worst enemy. Okay, maybe that was a stretch. You might wish it on your worst enemy. Still, you don't want to have to go through a situation like this. What is a guy to do when you feel like you are in love with a woman, but you are sure that she does not feel the same feelings that you do?
Most men are going to react to a situation like this by letting themselves feel hurt and heart broken, but that does nothing to make things better for you. So, I would not really recommend that you do this at all. It's just going to make you feel horrible if you allow yourself to feel that way. The best thing that you can do is to try and figure out where you went wrong so that you can either turn things around or try to make sure that it never happens again.
Let's take a look at two of the more common explanations for why you end up falling for a woman but she does not reciprocate:
1) You gave her too much attention from the beginning.
A lot of men don't realize this, but if you give a woman too much attention from the beginning, it can work against you. Doing this can make her see you as a friend from the very beginning and that means that basically nothing you will do will change that feeling. You have to learn to be a little less attentive so that she feels like she has to try and grab your attention. Doing this changes the dynamic between you and her and makes it a lot more likely that she is going to look at you as less of a friend and more of a lover.
2) You never escalated beyond a certain point and that made her think you did not like her in that way.
This was a really tough lesson that I learned when I was younger. I hung out with this woman I worked with over the course of a month and during that time, I never really took things to another level with her. When I finally did try to, she told me that she like me like that when she first met me, but because I never did anything to take it to the next level - those feelings just kind of died. This is not a unique experience, many guys do this. And when they do, they end up falling hard for the woman, while she just thinks that they are cool with being friends. You don't want her to think that way at all. About the Author
It's easier to win the love of a woman you like when you know that you can make her laugh with you and not at you.
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Chris Tyler

mardi 19 août 2014

Should I Text My Girlfriend If I Want Her Back After a Breakup?

At one time the question was "should I call my girl if I want her back?" but since the onset of texting the rules have changed... if only slightly...

Are you still trying to figure out the answer to – Should I text my girlfriend if I want her back after a break up?

If this question has recently been going through your mind, then by reading on, you can definitely understand how you can handle texting in the right way to give you the best chance of winning your ex girlfriend back.
As cell phones are so very common today, texting has become an interesting and important aspect to relationships. Your girlfriend is never out of reach. With a simple text you can reach her, wherever she may be. But that poses a huge problem when it comes to breakups. Here’s why…

The answers to…Should I Text My Girlfriend?

You must understand one crucial aspect here, to get your ex back, it is vital that you create space. However, texting makes this extremely difficult. For many men, texting their ex is something that is totally irresistible. You have your phone on you all the time so the urge to contact your ex becomes increasingly harder to resist. However, it’s imperative to create space for a couple of reasons.

Why must you create space? By creating space, it allows your ex girlfriend to miss you. If she doesn’t miss you, then there’s no chance she’ll want you back. Also, space allows both you and your girlfriend to have the time you need to sort out your feelings so you know exactly what you want. This is very good as it prevents you from making any hasty decisions you’ll only regret later.

Accept it

When you break up, text your ex and tell her you accept the breakup and hope you can still be friends sometime down the road. If you have done something wrong and that was the reason for the break up, briefly apologize, but don’t go into any great detail.

After this, it is important for you not to send any more texts and break off contact for a couple weeks. This means no more texting (or phone calls, emails, etc.).

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mercredi 13 août 2014

After a Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Honesty is usually the best policy in relationships, also an understanding of one's own self and one's partner very helpful. Even the most healthy relationships can go down a wrong path if work is not done. In this respect a relationship can be like a car - do periodic maintenance or pay a bigger price later...

In case if you are not sure why your relationship do not last for long or why you break up then it is very difficult situation for you to move on after a break up. After a break up you should always remember the causes like why it is failed so that you will not repeat that mistake again or what are you desires from your future relationships.

The reasons behind a break up

It is often seen that if a couple have problems in their relation they respond out of wrath and pain. And also these heated arguments usually cover up the actual issues. To illustrate if your lover is possessive and jealous then he or she is insecure and it is his fault not from your side.

You need to know the reason for these problems why this relation is not good for you in the beginning. This information is important because then you will able to understand it is only the matter of having different personality.

How will you cope up with this problem?

Unfortunately, if you notice that the relationship broken because of some sorts of things which you know and you have problems with it, then it’s essential for you to handle it immediately so to ensure that this behavior will repeat in future.

Persons, who seem to have an emotional baggage that will not, allowing them to establish a new relationship, so they will never able seriously, proceed in their life until it is totally solved. For this you have to be extremely honest with yourself and also you have to take strong step for your forever change. As nobody is completely perfect and so always you should think that you are actually a much better person for spotting your faults and also taking right steps for resolving them.

Other reason for break up and situation after break up

If emotionally well-balanced couple breaks up, then it’s generally because of growing distant between them. Generally such types of love affairs are less emotionally unstable whenever it ended, but both of them are able to maintain a friendly relation afterwards. This kind of situation is very ideal since it shows the maturity and as well as emotional stability between the two people. It is not necessary to be best friends; however at least getting friendly you can avoid having bitterness and other negative feelings for each other. After a breakup, the decision to move on shows your ability to forgive your ex – lover from any of their misdeed. This approach definitely will go very far in order to heal your broken heart.

Continuous fightsor arguments for worthless issues may possibly increase the pain and also increase the chance to end a relationship. After A Breakup, moving forward implies that you are emotionally alright with it and honestly want your ex – partner to be the best. If you surely prepared to move forward then only you allow going of no hurt feelings and forgiving your lover.

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